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Taxonomy Code: FP-0700

Programs that offer procedures for settling disputes which serve as alternatives to a conventional court trial. ADR procedures are less costly than litigation, produce a settlement more quickly, allow for more flexibility, preserve relationships among parties, permit confidentiality and can produce solutions that are satisfactory to both parties rather than a winner and a loser.

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Advice SessionsExperts are available to discuss situations related to virtually every field. Our experts will offer you advice and guidance in resolving and mitigating disputes. The knowledge that you gain from our experts will allow you to effectively prevent disputes from occurring and in the event that a dispute does occur, how to effectively resolve the issue.FranklinFranklin County Dispute Resolution CenterFranklin County Dispute Resolution Center
Binding & Non-Binding ArbitrationArbitration is a binding form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In arbitration, a trained expert(s) will objectively assess the dispute and discuss possible outcomes with the disputants. They must agree to follow the resolution that is offered by the arbitrator. Failiure to follow this resolution can result in legal ramifications. Once the arbitrator rules on the resolution, the decision is legally binding. Non-binding resolution is another kind of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Non-binding resolution is an opportunity for all disputants to discuss the case with a neutral third party, who is usually an expert in the field of the dispute. The expert will then offer a suggested resolution. The disputants are not required to accept or follow the expert's suggested resolution. This resolution is offered only as a means to resolve the dispute outside of court.FranklinFranklin County Dispute Resolution CenterFranklin County Dispute Resolution Center
County of Berks - MediationTo provide mediation services for child custody, divorce, and support matters in Berks County.BerksServices CenterCounty of Berks
MediationMediation is a confidential, voluntary process of peaceful dispute resolution. Professional staff serves as neutral mediators to help you and the parties that you are having the dispute with find an amicable resolution. Mediation promotes positive communication and, if possible, helps the disputants find a resolution which is mutually beneficial. Mediation Process: 1. Introduction: Process, Duties, Neutrality and Confidentiality 2. Information Gathering: What happened, why, how; the mediators will ask questions 3. Issue Identification: What are the main issues in this conflict? 4. Generating Solutions: How can this issue be resolved? 5. Agreement: Binding decision reached by the disputants, witnessed by the mediators. At the end of the mediation process, a contract is drafted by the mediators, describing the resolution as indicated by the disputants. Each relevant party then signs the contract, which is legally binding. This contract ensures that the terms of the resolution are carried out.FranklinFranklin County Dispute Resolution CenterFranklin County Dispute Resolution Center
National Labor Relations Board - Washington DCTwo primary functions: to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices, whether committed by labor organizations or employers, and; to establish whether or not certain groups of employees desire labor organization representation for collective-bargaining purposes, and if so, which union. National Labor Relations Board - Washington DCNational Labor Relations Board
Negotiation AssistanceProfessional staff can assist in negotiating the case with other disputants. **Areas of Dispute Resolution** Divorce Property (Asset-Debt) Allocation Custody and Visitation Negotiations Litigation Boundary Disputes Contract Matters Personal Injury Settlements Labor Disputes Construction/Building Controversies Landlord-Tenant Disputes Will Contests Mock Trials for Attorneys to help evaluate the merits of a caseFranklinFranklin County Dispute Resolution CenterFranklin County Dispute Resolution Center
Office for Dispute ResolutionODR administers the mediation and due process procedures available for special education disputes. A Hearing Officer Settlement Conference (Hosc) is a service where parties who are close to a resolution, but have identifiable roadblocks, can collaborate with a sitting hearing officer to see if those roadblocks can be overcome before a hearing. In addition, ODR offers a creating agreement training to parents and schools. IEP Facilitation is also available through ODR. Special Education Consultline, a toll-free assistance line for parents, is also a service of ODR. The Consultline number is 1-800-879-2301DauphinOffice for Dispute ResolutionOffice for Dispute Resolution
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General - Consumer Education OfficeThe Office of the General Attorney receives, investigates and works to resolve complaints related to consumer issues, health care issues, insurance fraud, violations of the Pennsylvania Do Not Call Law, SPAM email and junk mail, and numerous other subjects. Crime prevention is also a major emphasis for the office. The criminal law division handles investigations and prosecutions on drug enforcement, internet predators, organized crime, corruption, insurance fraud, tax crimes, environmental crimes, plus cases referred by local District Attorneys. The public protection division works to guard consumers against telemarketing scams or identity theft, fights for civil rights, monitors charitable organizations and protects consumers from deceptive advertising. Hotlines: 800-385-1044 Child Predator Unit 866-623-2137 Elder Abuse Unit 800-441-2555 Consumer Protection 800-525-7642 Education and Outreach 877-888-4877 Health Care Section 888-777-3406 Do Not Call List DauphinPennsylvania Office of Attorney GeneralPennsylvania Office of Attorney General
Special Education ConsultLineToll free helpline which provides information for families and advocates of children with disabilities about school related concerns, special education regulations, procedural safeguards, and general disability questions.DauphinOffice for Dispute ResolutionOffice for Dispute Resolution

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